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Hawaii Nature Photographer | “Super” Moon over Hawaii

I took my girls to Lanikai last night to see the so-called "Super" moon rise over the Mokulua islands.  Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us.  We stayed through 2 or 3 squalls and finally saw the moon, but it only peeked out for about 4 minutes before it started raining again.  Needless to say, we went home.

Rainstorms in Hawaii


After I got them to bed, the moon decided to show it's face and I decided to dust off that good old "Moony 11" rule and try it out.  What is the rule?  Basically you set your camera settings to Aperture f 11, and then whatever your ISO is (mine was 2000), set your shutter speed to the same.  You may need to adjust a little to get what you want but the "Moony 11" rule will get you in the ballpark.  I was rushed because little girls kept getting out of bed so my ISO was a bit high.  Thankfully, it still turned out nice, in my opinion.

Image of the Full Moon

So tonight, I decided to give it another try.  Again, the weather wasn't so willing.  Clouds were hiding the moonrise, wind was whipping up the sea mist and it was not warm.  While I was waiting for the clouds to give me a peek at the moon, I decided to play with the silhouette of some trees against the city lights behind me and my favourite constellation, Orion.

Trees with Orion Constellation

Then, FINALLY, the moon came out from behind the clouds and I was able to take a few pictures.  This one was a 20 second exposure at ISO 2000 and f11. 

This one is a bit more grainy at only 15 seconds of exposure and a slightly less ISO rating (1600) and smaller aperture (f20).  I was going for a bit more flare from the moon.  

I think the sea mist had it in for me and my lens tonight, as well.  Try as I might to keep that thing clean, the waves kept crashing and throwing off more mist.  Oh the fun of shooting pictures on the beach!

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