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Georgia Aquarium | Lifestyle Photographer

As you saw in yesterday's post, we took off early for Atlanta.  The girls were having a blast in the back seat with their stickers along the way, as you can see.  When we got to Atlanta, we went to check in to our hotel.  Now, we are usually pretty frugal with our hotel stays.  I mean, all you really do is sleep there, anyway, right?  Well, we splurged and stayed at the Marriott Midtown Renaissance Hotel just a few blocks from the Aquarium and the Coca Cola Museum.  It was a huge step up from the bare minimum Motel 6 we had stayed in the night before!  THAT toilet didn't even have a lid on it!  THIS bathroom was beautifully decked out and had "mood" lighting, a lighted mirror and gorgeous counters and hardware.  The girls loved looking out the windows since we were higher up than they were used to.

Our main reason for stopping in Atlanta and not pushing on, is the Georgia Aquarium.  If you have never been, get in your car, hop a plane or whatever and go as soon as you can!  It is beautiful with so many fish and other sea life that you can easily spend an entire day there.  They even have two Whale Sharks that you can pay to SCUBA dive with in their tank!  We may be returning sometime to do that!

The girls were full of awe with the Beluga Whales and the Dolphins and especially the touch tanks.

The underwater tunnel is a journey to another world and the dolphin show is imaginative and entertaining.  Shh… don't tell anyone I took this picture of the show, though!  Photography is not allowed! (Although they specifically said "Flash Photography", they still told me to stop.  Oh well, guess I shouldn't have linked them in that tweet!)

My favourites are definitely the dolphins and Whale sharks, but I also am enamoured of jelly fish.  They are so graceful and many are so beautiful, as well.

Tomorrow we should finish up our journey to NC!  

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